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What You Need To Know About Nintendo Game Cube

Nintendo Game Cube

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Though it looks like a toy, don't be fooled: the Nintendo GameCube is a powerful video game console that rightly deserves its place among the other next-generation game systems. In fact, its playful, appealing design and small size (the unit is a not-quite-cubed 6 inches) aren't the only features that set it apart from the others. For starters, Nintendo has quite clearly made this a game-only machine. It doesn't try to play your CD collection, run your movies, read your e-mail, or store your MP3 files. The company has concentrated its efforts on games. All the prelaunch titles we've seen play smoothly, with bright, fast graphics and great sound. Nintendo says its engineers have removed traditional bottlenecks that have, in the past, slowed down processing. New components designed by IBM and MoSys, as well as a large-capacity secondary memory cache, keep instructions moving through the system's microprocessor (MPU) at peak levels. In English: the GameCube is optimized to push speed up while pushing costs down; hence its position at the lower end of the price spectrum.
The GameCube is the first Nintendo video game system to use a disc-based medium rather than cartridges for its games. Moving the software to disc media generally means lower development costs for the publishers, which, in turn, trickles down to the consumer not only in price, but also in availability and quality, as it's then easier to try out untested game ideas (Pikmin, anyone?). While most other systems likewise have their games stored on discs, the GameCube's 3-inch format is smaller than everyone else's, and is so designed to fit in a shirt pocket as much as to deter would-be software pirates.
Of course, the main advantage of the GameCube is that it's the home field of one of the world's premier game designers: Nintendo. While powerhouses Electronic Arts and Sega make games for all systems (including this one), you can play Nintendo games only on a Nintendo system. And Nintendo, you might recall, has been hitting them out of the park since it started with Donkey Kong. In fact, here's a roll call of characters and series you won't find on the other consoles: Mario, Legend of Zelda, Perfect Dark, Metroid, Kirby, and, of course, Pokémon. A few names that the GameCube will share with the other guys: Madden, Tony Hawk, Sonic, Batman, and Star Wars.
The system also comes with four built-in controller ports, so you can easily plug in extra controllers and let friends join in for the multiplayer games--it's even got a built-in handle so you can easily move it to a friend's house. It comes with two memory card slots for saving your progress through games, and there's the capacity for future expansion into the world of online gaming.
In short, the GameCube isn't an all-in-one entertainment system, and neither is it the most powerful of the modern video game consoles.

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Quit the bashing, boys..., April 12, 2004
This review is from: Gamecube Console Platinum (Video Game)
Okay, first off, I'm a girl. I know a lot of people are under the impression that that piece of information excludes me from being a serious gamer, but come on... welcome to the year 2004! That aside, I must say that I have had experience with all three consoles. Here's my comparison.
X-box: by no means can you bash the graphics or the innovation behind this system. The games, while usually featuring unfamiliar characters, are superb. My own personal favorite was the X-box version of Prince of Persia: Sand of time, which I have played for every system available. The disadvantage: for a 20 year old out on their own, the price can be a bit steep for a system rivaled by two others with their own pros and cons. Rating: 3 stars.
Playstation 2: best value for someone looking for options outside of the gamers world. Like other reviewers noted, has the only rights to the GTA series, and in my opinion has a superior controller setup to the other two. Graphics are excellent, but not as good as Gamecube or X-box. Pricing is midrange, and also is compatable with most DVD's, making it space and money efficient. Rating: 4 stars.
Gamecube: easily portable, excellent graphics and game selection (Zelda, Mario, Starfox... the list goes on and on), and lowest priced game system available. While the game selection is not as large as with the other consoles, the selections available are sure to keep you occupied for a while. Overall, pricing and other factors considered, I rate this 5 stars.
While I would have purchased this console solely for The Legend of Zelda: the Windwaker (which was slightly disappointing compared to Ocarina of Time), I find it the best value for what is available. 

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