Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Nintendo Releases Nintendo 3DS - 3D Experience Without 3D Glasses

Every generation now seems like they are exceeding the standards and going that extra mile to make everything so much greater than the last idea. Well, if you want to talk about revolutionary then Nintendo's brand new invention of the 3DS. This handheld device takes gaming to a new level, you may raise and lower the amount of 3D you wish all the way down to 2D. The simple switch on the right side of the handheld device allows you select your game play dimension of choice. Here are some other great features the Nintendo 3DS has to offer.
1. At E3 the Nintendo representative released the new handheld features. One of those interesting features besides the switch which allows 3D game play is the slide that comes from the bottom left corner of the DS. What I does is allows you to control the angle of the camera, that correlates with what's going on at the same time on the screen.
2. You're probably all wondering what some system like this will cost, but sadly it has not yet been released. Not only that but one of the other key facts that we don't have happens to be the release date as well as the price. If you keep on top of it and follow it you will find that the cost and release date will be disclosed soon.
If you're looking forward to the new handheld system then soon enough we'll have a portable 3D gaming system for our use.

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