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What About a Portable Handheld Nintendo Gameboy Advanced SP

Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP - Game console
From Nintendo

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  • This incredible redesign features a fantastic flip-screen; unopened, the unit fits easily in your pocket
  • When it's opened, gamers are in for a treat -- the screen can display up to 32,000 colors, and has a backlit screen for comfortable game viewing
  • Redesigned button and D-pad placement make for hours of more comfortable playing
  • Powered by a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery that provides 18 hours of play with the light off(up to 10 hours with the light on)
  • Games are backwards-compatible -- your Game Boy Advance games will play just fine on the GBA SP

Editorial Reviews Review
Early Adopters Pick: March 2003. As the world's smallest video-game platform, the Game Boy Advance SP is also the first to use a built-in rechargeable battery.
Many decried the original Game Boy Advance's reflective LCD screen and its reliance on external light sources. The Game Boy Advance SP's main feature--optional backlighting--fixes this complaint nicely, but it's the wealth of other features that makes this system so surprisingly good.
At first look, you might think the SP is a sleek travel alarm clock. When closed, it's just as tall and deep as the original GBA, but only half as wide. Due to its clamshell design, the screen is always protected from everyday scratches. A small button in the center of the console turns on the backlighting element for use in low-light situations, like in a moving car.
Game Boy Advance angle diagram The SP comes with a well-designed power adapter that recharges a built-in battery; its prongs fold in for easier storage. Our informal tests found that it takes about four hours to fully charge (you can even play it while it's plugged in and charging), and the battery lasts about 11 hours with the backlighting constantly on--your results may vary. Using the backlighting less often will conserve battery power.

With separately sold cables, you can connect the Game Boy Advance SP to other GBAs for multiplayer gaming (above) or to the Nintendo GameCube (below) to access secret levels, exchange data, or use other special features that vary from game to game.
The quality of the backlighting is very good. It's bright and clear when looking directly at it, but degraded from other angles. This is only a problem for friends who are watching the screen from over your shoulder. But size, power, and affordability do not come without trade offs. There's no headphone jack here, though Nintendo promises an adapter. The system isn't very loud at its highest volume, and the sound can be turned down to socially acceptable levels. The L and R shoulder buttons are a fraction of the size they were on the GBA, and thus are harder to hit. Also, the reduced size of the SP is slightly less comfortable for adult hands than the GBA, but perhaps more comfortable for smaller hands. The cartridge port placement on the lower part of the console is fine for GBA games, since they are flush with the console body, but older Game Boy Color carts will stick out in a way that takes some getting used to.
Open it up and the hinge will seek out a preferred, pre-set angle (about 150 degrees), though you can open it a bit wider or narrower for your own comfort. The hinge stands up well to lateral pressure, and over all, the SP seems just as rugged as its predecessor--which has proven to be very rugged, indeed. --Porter B. Hall

More compact than the Gameboy Advance.....4
I got one of these for my birthday a year ago. It's really cool! I always take it along on car trips, and I am rarely bored! It's much more compact than the Gameboy Advance, and the backlit screen is really handy if you're playing in the dark. The screen folds down so it doesn't get all scratched up, but the rest of the Gameboy is very easily scratched, so it would be a good idea to buy a carrying case to protect it. Also, there is a small headphone jack that requires an adaptor in order to use headphones. However, these are my only complaints and they are small ones.
To me, the Nintendo DS is clunky and kind of confusing. The plastic pen and the two screens make it look bizzare and pretty ridiculous. I would buy a Gameboy Advance SP instead, but that's just me, and you probably are reding this and thinking I am crazy. Oh, well.
Also, I wanted to say something about the weird review that read something like this,"eye got wen for chris mas. mye dog at it. he sed it wes yummy!" I actually thought that was really funny, but, judging by the many people who did not "find it helpful", that probably just makes you think that I am even more crazy than you thought. Heck with it.
Sorry I kind of floated off the subject. Anyway, I would very highly reccommend this superior game system

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