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Nintendo Virtual Boy - Video Game Console

Nintendo Virtual Boy - Video Game Console

Nintendo Virtual Boy - Video Game Console


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Virtual Boy: The Black (Or Is It Red?) Sheep of Video Gaming4
The Virtual boy was an astounding achievement in 3D tech. It features 2 built in red LED screens to give actual 3D depth, unlike just drawing a cube on a 2D piece of paper, the Virtual boy actually has 2 screens to simulate real 3D. And although one the most peculiar consoles on the market today, it still sells strong as a collectors item, being somewhat cheap and easy to find, yet being a revolutionary and unique. It is also a great way to start out a Vintage game collection, as most of its best games are also cheap and easy to find, like Red Alarm and Wario Land.
I got mine with 4 games (2 are pretty rare) in its box for around one hundred dollars (I hope anyone else looking for one can get as good a deal!), and am very proud to own it. Two things I should point out though: The red LEDs can give you headaches, so I do not recommend playing for more than a half hour, and do not let children younger than 8 play it, as it could permanently damage their vision, and finally, I suggest you get the AC adapter set. It may be expensive, but it will save you a bundle over time. (It lasts 6 hours on 6 AA batteries)
Highly recommended, but only for collectors over the age of 7.

This system has a bad rep due to untrue rumors4
I was about 7 years old when this thing came out and I always thought it looked cool even though I knew very little about it. The price tag alone insured that I would probably never get one so when it dropped down to a mere $30 I gathered together my allowance and bought one. Better yet most of the games were only $5 each by that point! Based on that I really enjoyed it back then but it's still good today.

First, let me get some of the rumors out of the way. The most common one is that in causes blindness. Find me one source of this being true. I have probably played the Virtual Boy more than anyone and yet my eyes are fine 14 years later. This rumor started because of a warning on the box saying that it isn't safe for kids under 7 years old to play it.

Second, the graphics are bad. Well sure if you compare them to Uncharted 2. This is a portable system that came out in 1995 for @#$ sake! Also, I can not stress this enough, do NOT compare the actual graphics based on screen shots or youtube videos. It completely takes away the 3d depth that made the system so unique.

Finally, if you are getting headaches you are probably doing something wrong. Make sure you adjust the screen at the top so it's at a comfortable distance and make sure you are playing in a somewhat dark room. You know why some people got headaches? Because they are not used to the outside light! Imagine putting a blindfold on in Walmart and then taking it off after 10 minutes. Of course you will have a headache!

Now let's get to the games. While many were much better back when they came out it is actually surprising how fun many still are today. Mario's Tennis lacked options but the core gameplay was fun. I always wondered what it would be like if the graphics were more like the Dreamcast. Wario Land is still my favorite Wario game to date and it had some cool 3d effects. Teleroboxer was a cool futuristic boxing game where you use both control pads and back buttons to attack and block. It's a REALLY difficult game! But by far the stand out title for me was Galactic Pinball. I never imagined having so much fun with a pinball game but the 3d effects, music, and challenge really make this one worth hunting down. There is even a Metroid mini game!

It's completely fine with me if you don't like this system but PLEASE stop following the crowd and bashing the system based on lousy "failed system" reviews and youtube videos. Try playing the better titles for a good hour (with my advice mentioned above) before saying it sucks because you didn't like Red Alarm 15 years ago. Doesn't it make you at least at little bit curious why ANYONE would defend what some may call "the worst system ever made"?
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