Thursday, February 10, 2011

SNES/NES FC Twin Video Game System

SNES/NES FC Twin Video Game System - Black

SNES/NES FC Twin Video Game System - Black

SNES/NES FC Twin Video Game System - Black
From Yobo

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Product Description

The FC Twin can play both NES and SNES cartridges. The top-loading design corrects many of the issues experienced with the original consoles, including the 'blinking red light'. The A/V output, while not as perfect as the original NES model 001, provides great picture and sound quality.

Customer Reviews

Better Than I'd Ever Expected!5 The FC Twin is even more than what it promises. Yes, it's a system that plays old Nintendo and Super Nintendo cartridges (PERFECTLY!), and the controllers are exact replicas of the SNES controllers, but this system is an improvement over both old systems, too. For starters, the FC Twin is far more compact than either system. It's only slightly wider than an SNES cartridge and about 2/3rds as deep as an SNES. it will easily fit on an already crowded shelf next to your DVD player and other entertainment systems. Secondly, the system connects to your television with modern RCA cables instead of the old coaxle connector. This means you can put the sound through your stereo system and also be confident that this will connect to any modern television set (including flat panel screens). Finally, the NES component is a top loading cartridge system utilizing a card slot reader, so it plays classic Nintendo cartridges with far fewer problems than the original system. This means less time spent blowing on your old cartridges, hoping they'll work this time around. The FC Twin has been ideal for my needs in terms of cost efficiency (cheaper than buying either original system), space efficiency (smaller than either system), and reliability (more reliable than an NES), but there are some minor imperfections that buyers should be warned about: 1. The FC Twin uses SNES controller sockets, which means that any SNES controller device can be used with the FC Twin, but classic NES controller devices (like the Zapper) cannot. 2. According to Wikipedia, the following Nintendo games will not work with this system: Bandit Kings of Ancient China, Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse, Dragon Warrior II, L'Empereur, and Rad Racer II. 3. Also according to Wikipedia, the following SNES games will not work with this system: BatterUP, Street Fighter Alpha 2, Star Ocean, and Kirby Super Star. In the two years since I purchased this system, I've only discovered one other game that does not seem to work with the FC Twin: Rocco's Modern Life. The flip side of this is that the rest of the games DO work. So, unless you're particularly attached to the above games, this is the system for you. Finally, some people have complained about the Twin no longer reading their cartridges after only a short amount of time. People, CLEAN your cartridges before using them on a new system. In each example, applying a q-tip of rubbing alcohol to the dirty cartridge contacts and the system contacts has solved the problem for these people. You can then use the cartridge instantly since the alcohol will almost immediately dry upon contact. Make sure not to touch any other part of the interior of the twin with alcohol, though, as this can damage your system. As I've said, I've been using my FC Twin for two years now, and I've never had a single problem.

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